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Swedavia announces new redundancy scheme

2012-11-06, kl. 10:07

In June this year, Swedavia gave notice of redundancy, which affected 45 positions in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The continuing work to improve efficiency is aimed at creating an organisation that together can develop the ten airports in Sweden’s basic airport infrastructure and reinforce the conditions necessary for Swedish access.

Swedavia is therefore announcing a further redundancy programme, which will affect 71 positions in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Norrköping. The decision by Swedavia will serve as a basis for future negotiations with trade union organisations.

“A more efficient organisation and integrated control are an essential requirement in order for us to together enhance our competitiveness. With these measures, we also increase our flexibility, which is crucial in better handling the effects of the business cycle on the air travel industry,” says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive at Swedavia.

Some 30 positions in Stockholm, 20 positions in Gothenburg, 10 positions in Malmö and 11 positions in Norrköping will be affected. The notice of redundancy applies mainly to administrative staff, but there will also be changes in operations.