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Slight decline in air travel in January

2013-02-12, kl. 16:25

Total air travel in January 2013 fell by two per cent compared to the same period in 2012 measured by the number of passengers at Swedavia’s eleven airports. The decline is essentially in domestic travel, with the number of international passengers increasing slightly.

In January 2.3 million passengers travelled to or from one of Swedavia’s eleven airports, a decrease of two per cent compared to the same period in 2012. The number of domestic passengers fell by five per cent while the number of international passengers was up one per cent. There were 900,000 domestic passengers and 1,400,000 international passengers.

In January, the number of landings in scheduled and charter operations at Swedavia’s airports was 15,200, which is slightly lower than the figure for the same month in 2012.

“It is crucial that different stakeholders really work together to strengthen Sweden’s position as an attractive destination for travellers in business, culture and education as well as tourism,” says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive of Swedavia. “A broader passenger base makes more intercontinental direct flights possible, which benefits export industries, knowledge companies and the travel industry.”

In January, the number of international passengers increased significantly at Kiruna Airport, Umeå Airport and Sundsvall Härnösand Airport compared to the same month in 2012, as a result of new routes and/or non-stop charter flights from these airports.