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Swedavia’s Annual General Meeting 2013

2013-04-30, kl. 15:27

Swedavia’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on April 26, 2013, at Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport. The AGM re-elected the Board of Directors in full, adopted the income statements and balance sheets for 2012 and discharged the Board members and the President and CEO of liability. The AGM also voted to adopt all other proposals.

Election of the Board of Directors and auditor

The AGM approved the nomination decision and re-elected Board members Karin Apelman, Lars Backemar, Anders Ehrling, Anna Elgh, Adine Grate Axén, Hans Jeppsson, Jenny Lahrin, Ingemar Skogö and Lottie Svedenstedt. Ingemar Skogö was elected Chairman of the Board. For a more detailed presentation of the Board members, see the page Board of Directors.
The AGM also elected Ernst & Young AB as Swedavia’s auditor for the period up to the next AGM. 

Remuneration to the Board of Directors

It was decided that remuneration to the Board of Directors would be SEK 440,000 for the Chairman of the Board and SEK 220,000 to the other members elected by the AGM, SEK 35,000 to the Chair of the Audit Committee and SEK 20,000 to the other members of the company’s committees.

Exceptions from the above are made for members who are employed in the Swedish Government Offices and for employee representatives.

Guidelines for compensation to executive officers

The AGM approved the Board’s proposal for guidelines for compensation and other terms of employment for executive officers. The guidelines apply the principles decided in the “Guidelines for Terms of Employment for Executive Officers in Companies under State Ownership” (April 20, 2009) and aim for compensation that is competitive, capped, reasonable and appropriate.

Distribution of the company’s profit

The AGM decided in accordance with the Board’s proposal that no dividend be paid for the financial year 2012 and that the company’s disposable profit instead be carried forward.