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Now Stockholm Arlanda Airport will be more like China

2015-09-16, kl. 09:38

Airport welcome hosts who understand what Chinese want, menus and signs in Chinese – now Stockholm Arlanda Airport is being made more Chinese to attract new visitors from this economic superpower.

The Chinese market is increasingly important to Swedish tourism and businesses. The number of Chinese guest-nights in Sweden has more than doubled since 2009. Stockholm Arlanda Airport will be developed into a “Chinese-friendly airport” for Asian visitors – quite simply, a little more like China.

This year, Chinese travellers are expected to account for almost 250,000 guest-nights in Sweden, an increase of 26 per cent compared to last year. The number of Chinese guest-nights has increased 107 per cent since 2009, and China now has the second highest number of visitors to Sweden from a non-European country, after the United States.  

The possibility of flying to China and elsewhere in Asia is strongly enhanced now that SAS is launching a new direct route between Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Hong Kong. The city ranks as the third most important financial centre in the world, after London and New York. There are direct links to 180 airports from Hong Kong’s international airport, which is the largest airport in the world for cargo.

The flow of passengers between Asia and Sweden is expected to increase sharply in the years ahead, so Stockholm Arlanda Airport is making a number of adaptations for Chinese passengers:

  • Stockholm Arlanda will be developed into a sister airport to Beijing’s airport in partnership with Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH) in Beijing
  • Welcome hosts, who have undergone service training in Chinese culture, will be on hand at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Mobile information desks and iPads will be available to assist terminal hosts
  • Information signs in Chinese
  • A modified website with information in Chinese. The page has information about shopping, transport to and from Stockholm, special offers and tax-free refunds for purchases made in Sweden
  • A WiFi portal in Chinese
  • A welcome folder in Chinese which will be handed out at the arrival gate at Stockholm Arlanda, by terminal hosts and at Swedavia’s Arrival Services and information desks
  • In transit there will be a digital map of the terminal, where passengers can scan their boarding card to find the quickest route to their gate or shopping

A number of other changes are being carried out at Stockholm Arlanda Airport to make Chinese passengers’ visit easier:

  • Chinese Food Truck - Beijing 8. A new restaurant concept that will open in the Terminal 5 transit hall.
  • More restaurants will translate their menus into Chinese to make it easy for passengers to get service and place orders.
  • In general, Chinese do not want cold beverages. Stockholm Arlanda is now working to ensure that Asian passengers in transit can fill their thermoses with hot water.
  • Special sales campaigns will be held in shops ahead of Asian holidays, such as the Chinese New Year.

Alongside this, Swedavia has opened its first satellite office in Hong Kong to promote involvement and collaboration with airlines and other companies and organisations with operations in Asia. The aim is to develop existing and new partnerships on site with businesses and the tourism industry in order to improve access to this important Asian market and contribute to increased exchanges between China and Sweden.

In partnership with airlines, Visit Sweden and the Stockholm Visitors Board, Swedavia wants to create a positive image of Sweden and Stockholm that attracts increased passenger volume to and from the Asian market.