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Malmö Airport celebrates its 40th anniversary

2012-11-30, kl. 13:00

On Saturday, December 1, it was 40 years since Malmö Airport opened. Since then more than 50 million passengers have passed through the airport.

Today Malmö Airport is an important hub in the expanding Öresund region, which aims to be Europe’s most attractive and climate-smart region for residents, businesses and visitors. Malmö Airport wants to contribute to a sustainable development and future – mostly by making the region more accessible to the world and by making the world more accessible to the region.

Right from the time the decision was made to locate the airport where it is today, construction plans included potential for future expansion – not just for resources like terminals, goods storage, aprons, hangars and car parks, but also for an additional runway for take-off and landing.

”This is a vigorous 40-year-old, and the airport’s most important asset is the customers who choose to fly to and from Skåne (Scania). Therefore everything we do is based on our customers and their needs,” says Peter Weinhandl, airport director at Malmö Airport. “We carry out customer surveys twice a year to find out, among other things, what passengers in the region want from their airport, and we work hard to meet their expectations.” 

Celebrating the airport’s 40th anniversary

Today, November 30, an event will be held all the way at the end of the check-in hall, where politicians and stakeholders have been invited to a 40th anniversary mingle and panel discussion about how the work should proceed in order to together ensure that Scania will be an even more attractive region in the future for residents, businesses, tourists and other visitors.

Participating in the panel discussion are Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive, Swedavia; Margareta Pålsson, Scania county governor; Pia Jönsson-Rajgård, managing director, Tourism in Skåne and Stephan Müchler, managing director, Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Southern Sweden.

On Saturday, December 1, the actual anniversary, passengers will be offered birthday cake in the terminal.