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Groundbreaking for Luleå

2012-03-21, kl. 15:37

A new era is now beginning at Luleå Airport. With investments of 105 million Swedish kronor, Luleå Airport will be able to provide business and leisure travellers with better domestic and international air connections. Luleå Airport is the fifth largest airport in Sweden, with some 1 million passengers. The airport is now being refurbished to provide even more capacity. 

The development at Luleå Airport will occur in two phases. Phase one includes space for passengers and other customers in the terminal in order to meet the increase in both domestic and international traffic. Among other changes, the security screening area including the facilities for police and passport control will be improved and a new baggage hall and baggage sorting facility will be built. The areas for the entrance, taxi stand and car rental operations will also be refurbished and improved. Phase one is expected to be completed in stages during 2012/2013.

Phase two includes improvements on airside so that Luleå Airport can continue to receive large aircraft for air cargo and passenger traffic to northern Sweden. Phase two is expected to be completed in late 2013.

Co-financiers are: the Municipalities of Boden, Luleå, Piteå and Älvsbyn, the Norrbotten County Administration, the Norrbotten County Council and the EU.