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Focus on improved service with bus access charge

2012-03-21, kl. 15:29

Beginning May 1, Swedavia is introducing a bus access charge for all buses that serve Bromma Stockholm Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The reason for the decision is that Swedavia must ensure the level of service we provide for public transport by bus as ever increasing numbers of passengers travel via our airports. Another consideration in the decision is the deregulation of the Swedish bus transport market on January 1, 2012, since we expect more companies and organisations will want to establish bus routes at our larger airports.  

In line with Swedavia’s environmental work, buses that run on biofuel will receive a discount on the charge in order to continue encouraging the switch to renewable fuel. It is also our hope that the increased competition together with measures focused on service will result in the enhanced competitiveness of this public transport mode and that it will be able to attract more passengers over the coming years.

The charge, which is about 2 Swedish kronor per passenger, is based on the cost of the bus product at the different airports and will have a 50 per cent discount in 2012. The CO2 charge is differentiated as follows: Buses that run on biofuel will receive a 20 per cent discount while buses that run on fossil fuel will pay a 20 per cent supplement.