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Decision on new Price Model and Adjustments of Airport Charges 2014

2014-01-02, kl. 10:00

As a result of for example large investment needs and changed market conditions, Swedavia has decided to increase the total level of charges with 1 per cent from April 1st 2014. The total adjustment will follow from a decrease in Airport Charges by 1.5 per cent and simultaneous adjustments, in most cases increases, of charges for Ground Handling Infrastructure and PRM (assistance to disabled travelers and travelers with reduced mobility).

The decision implies a new price model, based on a common product definition and common strategies for Swedavia’s network of 10 airports. The price model will exclude the subsidiary Swedavia Real Estate AB, which means that future changes in business conditions for that segment will no longer affect Airport Charges.

In addition, the environmental charges have been updated and modernized, with the purpose to increase the incentive for airlines to operate aircrafts with less sound and air pollution. The environmental charges also intend to better correspond to Swedavia’s costs for e.g. control of aircraft noise and air quality, and noise protection projects in the vicinities of the airports.

The decision has been preceded by an extensive consultation process during the fall 2013, where Swedavia has met the airport users in a number of meetings and discussed both the price model and adjustments of separate charges.

Despite the decision Swedavia still offer a very competitive charging system, with airport charges about 15 per cent lower than for similar and competing airports in Sweden and Europe.

For further information, see http://www.swedavia.com/our-services/aviation-business1/swedavias-conditions-of-services-and-charges/consultation-process-for-the-airport-charges-at-swedavias-airports-2014/