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Commuter rail service now available at Stockholm Arlanda

2012-12-12, kl. 10:00

On Sunday December 9, commuter train service between Stockholm and Uppsala via Stockholm Arlanda will be launched.

The new train service is a collaboration between Stockholms Lokaltrafik (SL, Stockholm Public Transport) and Upplands Lokaltrafik (UL, Uppsala Public Transport) aimed at improving mass transit and increasing travel across county borders. For Stockholm Arlanda, an important new aspect is that it will be easier to reach the airport from many stations in the commuter train network. When the new service is launched, it will be possible to travel by commuter rail between Uppsala and Älvsjö (south of Stockholm), via Stockholm Arlanda, without changing trains. At peak traffic times, trains will continue all the way to Tumba.

Travel time between Stockholm Central Station and Stockholm Arlanda will be 38 minutes, and between Uppsala and Stockholm Arlanda 18 minutes.