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Changes in Swedavia’s Group management – Lars Johansson new CFO

2013-02-04, kl. 09:00

Lars Johansson has been named the new CFO of Swedavia and will be included in the Group management team. The current CFO, Karl Wistrand, will become the managing director of Swedavia Real Estate AB beginning February 4 and will be in charge of the Group’s overall business development and pricing strategy issues.

Lars Johansson worked most recently at TV4 AB, where he has had the role of CFO/COO. For more than 25 years, Mr Johansson has held financial management positions in companies like Orc Software AB, Spectra-Physics AB, AGA AB and AssiDomän AB.

“Swedavia has an extremely important function in developing Sweden’s accessibility and the transport hubs of the future, “ says Lars Johansson. “It feels fun and challenging to further develop the financial effectiveness needed for continued profitability alongside investments in airport development.” 

Until Mr Johansson assumes his position on March 18, Ove Johansson will be acting CFO of Swedavia.

“I am delighted to welcome Lars, with all his experience and competence, to Swedavia,” says Torborg Chetkovich, chief executive and president of Swedavia. “Continued development of our financial effectiveness is important for Swedavia, which continuously invests in ever more efficient, sustainable, attractive and passenger-friendly airports.”