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Car-sharing service Car2go now available at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport

2015-02-04, kl. 13:00

Swedavia is launching a partnership with the car-sharing service Car2go. That means ten cars will be located at both Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport.

It is easy for Swedavia’s passengers to get between the Stockholm city centre and the airport at competitive prices. At the same time, Car2go is increasing the number of its cars in Stockholm from 100 to 250.

Car2go is a car-sharing service without fixed rental stations. The service provides users with the opportunity to get from A to B without having to put petrol in the tank or drop the car off at a fixed station.

“We are pleased that Car2go wants to set up operations at our airport. That means we can offer our customers at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Bromma Stockholm Airport a convenient, affordable alternative for getting to and from the airport,” says Birgitta Moreillon, product manager for airport parking at Swedavia.

“We have seen great interest since we quietly launched the service in Stockholm about two months ago. So we are pleased that we can now offer our users a full fleet of 250 cars and the option of getting to and from the airport. Our aim is for arriving passengers from other parts of Sweden to also discover the advantages of this service,” says Peter Ahlgren, location manager for Car2go Sweden.

The new partnership means that Swedavia’s Car2go users can pick up the nearest car on one of Stockholm’s streets, drive out to the airport and then drop off the car there. It is also possible to pick up a car at the airport and then drive to any address within Car2go’s 40 square-kilometre area of operations.

Users have no fixed fees, instead only paying when the car is used. Users locate the cars either right on the street or by using a smartphone app, and when they are done renting the car, they can drop it off at any public parking space in Car2go’s area of operations. Along with Stockholm, Car2go today has over one million customers and operations in 29 cities in Europe and North America.