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BARN DOM exhibition now at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

2013-02-14, kl. 15:32

The BARN DOM exhibition has now moved from Fotografiska, the Stockholm museum of photography, to the Terminal 5 arrival hall at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The exhibition is a unique project which consists of photographs taken by children who have or have had cancer at an early age.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Fotografiska, the Stockholm photography museum, eleven young people from across the country had the opportunity to take part in a photography course at Fotografiska Academy in 2012. The result of this project was the BARN DOM exhibition, which was held at Fotografiska during the autumn. Twenty-year-old Amanda Möllenhoff, who has diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of three, is one of the participants in the project and whose photos can now also be seen at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

“I have never spoken about my experience with childhood cancer until now. This is a big part of me and I have always held a desire to show my story. With this project, I had that opportunity, and now my photo and my story are being relocated at Stockholm Arlanda. I think that it is a good place for exposure since the airport has large spaces for pictures and messages. I hope that my way of making the struggle against cancer visible will capture people’s interest there and make them think,” says Amanda Möllenhoff.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to present the exhibition, which has an important message and is a concrete way for Swedavia to make a difference. More than 10,000 people pass through the Terminal 5 arrival hall each day. If these photos can reach out to them and stimulate interest and reflection about the life stories of Amanda and the other young people, then together we have achieved something good,” says Charlotta Hyldal, Director of Human Resources at Swedavia. 

The BARN DOM exhibition can be seen at Stockholm Arlanda Airport from February 12 to March 15.

About the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and the BARN DOM exhibition

When a child is struck with cancer, their whole world is upended. Life will never be the same. With this exhibition, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation aims to show how the illness leaves its mark in a variety of ways. When the  foundation was formed in 1982, the majority of children diagnosed with childhood cancer died. After almost thirty years of work to increase survival rates, today more than three out of four children survive. The idea behind the BARN DOM exhibition is to commemorate 30 years of successful research and to increase understanding about what it can be like to suffer cancer as a child.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation has been approved by the Swedish Fundraising Control, which guarantees that money always goes to the right purposes.