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A more efficient Swedavia meets the challenges

2013-02-15, kl. 15:03

An increase in the number of air passengers to 32.4 million, continued advances in the sustainability field, and investments in airport development and properties sum up 2012 for Swedavia. Net revenue for the year increased to SEK 4,965 M (4,693) and operating profit was SEK 831 M (781).

In 2012, its third year of operation, the Swedavia Group posted a new record, with 32.4 million passengers, an increase of 2.7 per cent compared to 2011. Higher passenger volume is one of the factors that contributed to revenue in 2012 increasing to SEK 4,965 M (4,693). Swedavia’s operating profit rose during the year to SEK 831 M (781) and the profit for the year was SEK 447 M (438).

In the fourth quarter, Swedavia’s eleven airports had 7.9 million passengers, a decrease of 1.1 per cent compared to the same period in 2012. For the quarter, net revenue increased to SEK 1,333 M (1,202), operating profit increased to SEK 168 M (116) and the profit for the period was SEK 79 M (68).

“More passengers at our airports and continued efficiency improvements in our operations provide the basis for our results,” says Torborg Chetkovich, president and CEO of Swedavia. “The deceleration we see in air travel during the fourth quarter demonstrates the importance of us continuing to develop our efficiency, our airport environments and our efforts – together with other stakeholders – to strengthen Sweden’s position as an attractive destination.”

In 2012, Swedavia’s capital spending totalled SEK 3,418 M (1,057). The single greatest investment during the period was Swedavia Real Estate’s acquisition of six different buildings from SAS for SEK 1,775 M, which was completed on June 29. This is in line with Swedavia’s ambition to develop the areas around its airports in order to enhance their competitiveness. Major investments have also been made in particular at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport in order to increase capacity and make the airports more attractive and passenger-friendly.

In 2012, Swedavia was ISO 14001environmentally certified. As a result of dedicated climate work, now all ten of Swedavia’s airports in Sweden’s national basic infrastructure have been carbon-certified at the highest level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme.