Health and safety at the airports

Swedavia connects airports to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Aviation Industry Charter.

Like many other European airports and airlines, Swedavia adheres to the European Aviation Safety Organization EASA's "COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol". The guidelines aim to ensure safe travel and to create a uniform and safe environment for air travelers and employees in airlines and airports.

With the increasing number of passengers, our main focus is the health and safety of our airports employees and passengers.

Swedavia is monitoring developments day by day and is in continuous contact with relevant authorities and EASA.

In order to create a safe environment we follow instructions from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines for airports, airlines and passengers and we have a number of protective measures in place.

Corona signage

General communication

  • The health and safety measures in place is clearly communicated to our travellers and airport staff.
  • Passengers are encouraged via social media to check-in at home or by using Self service at the airport.
  • Yellow signs throughout the airports emphasise the need to maintain social distance.
  • Frequent announcements about social distancing and face masks in the terminals and on airport buses.
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Face masks and protective shields

  • We recommend everybody entering our terminals to wear face masks.
  • We are encouraging retailers to make face masks available in airport stores.
  • Our airports have protective shields in mandatory passenger flows
    such as check-in, security checkpoints and boarding.
Keep distance

Queues and social distancing

  • The yellow signs continue with floor markings in all queueing zones.
  • Our airports have a continuous focus on the number of passengers gathering in our terminals at different times of the day.
  • This involves scheduling check-in with long intervals, using gates at longer intervals, and using baggage belts in different parts of the baggage hall.
  • Our staff also works actively with any queues at check-in, security checkpoints and border control.
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Cleaning and disinfection

  • All cleaning measures at our airports have been modified and expanded. 
  • Cleaning has been enhanced in areas that many people use and on surfaces that many people touch: elevator buttons, door openers, escalators, trolleys, ATMs, automated check-in machines and the like.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are available  in the terminals.
Seat stickers

Seating areas

We are working actively to allow for and ensure social distancing in all seating areas.

This may involve:

  • Rearranging furniture in established waiting areas
  • Blocking or removing some seats and tables
  • Stickers on selected seats and tables
Corona signage

Temperature screening

If airlines or handling agents want to include temperature screening as a measure in their procedures, this will be possible at regular facilities in the passenger flow.

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Picking up/dropping off passengers

To avoid crowding, it is recommended to see off or greet passengers outside the terminal.