Objective to reduce energy use

Today, most of the heating, electricity and cooling that Swedavia uses is from renewable sources that do not have any net carbon dioxide emissions. Swedavia also works with energy efficiency measures to further reduce its environmental impact and costs.

Swedavia’s objective is to reduce total energy use by an average of 2 per cent each year. One essential requirement to fully achieve this is to continuously invest capital in new technology and optimise existing systems.

Since 2005 we have reduced our energy use by about a third. See below for examples of measures that have helped to achieve this.

Measures carried out to reduce energy use

  • Installation of more than 10,000 LED light bulbs at Stockholm Arlanda Airport alone.
  • Heat recycling of ventilation air.
  • Control and monitoring systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.
  • The world’s largest energy storage unit, the airport’s aquifer, is used to store recycled heat and cooling at Stockholm Arlanda.
    The aquifer – read more
  • Use of solar panels to generate electricity at Göteborg Landvetter Airport.
  • A facility for solar energy and biofuel provides heating for Malmö Airport.
    Facility for solar energy and biofuel – read more