Fewer chemical products

At an airport, just like with most other operations, a large number of chemical products are used. 

Most products used at an airport are commonly found and not specific to airport operations. Swedavia works continuously to reduce the number of chemical products used and to replace products that may be toxic to people and the environment with better alternatives.

Large quantities of fuel for both aircraft and vehicles are handled every day, and chemicals specifically for an airport are used to de-ice runways and aircraft. Chemical products are also used, for instance, in vehicle maintenance, cleaning, painting and repair work.

Reduce the number of chemicals and find more environmentally sustainable alternatives

To maintain control over what chemicals we use and whether they may be toxic to people and the environment, we have collected information about all the products in a group-wide database. To reduce the environmental impact in our operations, we are always trying to find more environmentally sustainable alternatives to the products already used today, and before we begin to use new products, we check their contents. By reducing the number of chemicals in operations, we facilitate the work to replace products that are still being used.