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We are responsible for the energy supply at several of Swedavia’s airports around Sweden. In addition, operational and advisory services are offered to those with operations at the airport. Great amounts of energy are consumed at an airport if everything is to function correctly.

Heating system

As a customer of our heating system, the heating of your premises is made through a district heating network which is constructed for optimum operational safety. The district heating network is being extended to be able to supply competitive heating solutions to even more businesses.

Cooling system

Maintain a comfortable indoor climate in your shop, restaurant or at your office. Today, there is an environmentally adapted and cost-effective facility in operation – the aquifer – which supplies a cooling system during the summer months and ground heating during the winter.

Electricity supply system

An airport places very high demands on having a safe and stable electric power transmission, and therefore preventative work in the airport’s electricity supply system is carried out. As an electricity supply customer, your facility is connected to an electricity supply that is designed with optimum operational safety.

Electric power

Electricity usage at an airport is great, but does not contribute to the greenhouse effect as the electricity used does not come from fossil fuels. All electricity customers at the airport have clean environmentally-friendly electricity running through their cables.

Energy advice

With the current development of energy prices, interest in saving energy is ever increasing. Swedavia Energi gives advice about how your company can reduce its energy consumption.

Operational services

As an operating customer, you have access to electrical and comfort technicians as well as preventative maintenance such as emergency troubleshooting. Stockholm Arlanda Airport cooperates with Arlanda Service Centre which means that you get emergency assistance as soon as an error is reported.

Error reporting Arlanda Service Centre, 24-hours a day
Telephone: +46 (0)10-109 66 00