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Group management

Karl Wistrand. Photographer: Peter Knutson

Karl Wistrand
Chief executive officer



Per Arenhage. Photographer: Peter Knutson

Per Arenhage
Chief Technical Officer

  Lennart Bergbom

Lennart Bergbom
Strategy Director

Anna Bovaller. Photographer: Peter Knutson 

Anna Bovaller
Chief Legal Counsel


 Peder Grunditz. Photographer: Peter Knutson

Peder Grunditz
Airport Director, Bromma Stockholm Airport


Mats Paulsson
Director of Security and Safety



Charlotte Ljunggren. Photographer: Peter Knutson

Charlotte Ljunggren
Airport Director, Göteborg Landvetter Airport


Susanne Norman
Susanne Norman 
Director Regional Airports 


Mats Påhlson

Mats Påhlson
Chief Fincance Officer







Linda Sjödin. Photographer: Peter Knutson

Linda Sjödin
Chief Communication Officer



Kjell-Åke Westin. Photographer: Peter Knutson

Kjell-Åke Westin
Airport Airport Director, Stockholm Arlanda


Marie Wiksborg

Marie Wiksborg
HR Director