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Swedavia Consultant is found at the hub of Swedish airport operations undergoing development and plays a driving role in construction, technological development and management. We carry out assignments and take part in work in terminals, on the airfield, in market-oriented projects and in business development assignments.

Today some 90 people work here, and with our extensive experience in airport development, we help create world-leading sustainable and environmentally smart airports with a focus on safety, security and access.

Swedavia’s consultants work and specialise in the following areas:

Assignment and project management

  • Provides feasibility study management, project management, assignment management, design management and construction and installation management in all areas of expertise with extensive experience in airport operations. 

Business and operations development

  • Business and operations development is carried out in projects and assignments in which we develop processes, organisations and people.
  • Includes process development, change management, strategy development and continuous improvement.

Airport planning

  • Works with comprehensive strategies for planning and developing airports of tomorrow as well as existing ones.
  • Includes analyses, studies, simulations, advice, technical support and requirements specification.

Construction and installation

  • Provides support in everything from requirements specification and design to implementation and operations handover.
  • Also provides feasibility studies in which proposed solutions are assessed relative to Swedavia’s investment model.

Airport technology systems

  • Provides solutions to ensure that fundamental airport technology systems and associated processes function optimally.
  • Solutions include everything from studies and planning to maintenance plans and cost calculations.

Ground facilities

  • Provides effective solutions for ground facilities, including water and sewage.
  • Includes everything from establishing maintenance plans, conducting studies and carrying out construction work to completing a project.


  • Offers solutions in aviation acoustics, sound insulation, and environmental and sustainability issues.