Biofuel – for a fossil-free future

The air travel industry, like society in general, needs to reduce its emissions of fossil carbon dioxide. Biofuel is an important part of this transformation. In just a few decades, the industry has made great progress in reducing fossil carbon dioxide emissions from air travel. In forty years, air travel as become 70 per cent more fuel-efficient and today accounts for 2 per cent of global emissions of fossil carbon dioxide. But to ensure a sustainable future going forward, we need to be even better. Air travel needs to create a fossil-free future.

A green switchover – from fossil fuel to biofuel – is already possible today. It is not a question of a utopia or the distant future. The technology is available; flights with biofuel are flown today on a regular basis in a few places around the world. What is missing in order for this fuel to start being used to a greater extent are large-scale production and a competitive price. To achieve this, demand and a political driving force are needed.

Fossil-free domestic air travel by 2030

By stimulating demand for biofuel, production increases and the price falls. In that way, we can actually have fossil-free domestic air travel in Sweden by as early as 2030. The maths is simple. The cost of biofuel has to fall in order for it to be economically sustainable for airlines to choose this climate-smart alterative – an alternative made from materials such as forest waste, algae and food scraps. With its abundant supply of forest and sea, Sweden could also be a significant producer of the new aviation fuel. This kind of development is environmentally necessary, creates jobs, provides new knowledge and strengthens the Swedish economy.
This alternative is also so smart that biofuel can be used in today's aircraft engines and in existing infrastructure – so no expensive or complex transformation of technology or infrastructure is needed.

Green flights for official business trips

In 2016, we at Swedavia did something really good and important to contribute to more sustainable air travel. We are the first company in the world to buy biofuel corresponding to the amount used for all of Swedavia's flights for official business. By leading the way and buying green flights for official business, we want to show decision-makers, companies and producers that there is a demand for biofuel in air travel and in that way contribute to large-scale production. This is an important step toward fossil-free domestic air travel. But more people must follow our lead.

How you can contribute

Swedavia is a partner in the economic association the Fly Green Fund. The Fly Green Fund is working to quickly boost demand for biofuel in Sweden, in order to increase the volume produced and bring down costs. This will be achieved by co-financing the extra cost of biofuel compared to fossil fuel. Our vision is that organisations and individuals have the opportunity to fly more sustainably on biofuel in the Nordic countries, at a reasonable cost.

The Fly Green Fund's customers, both companies and leisure travellers, can decide themselves how much they want to contribute. Of the money paid, 75 per is used for biofuel and the remaining 25 per cent is used to support the development project, with the goal being to initiate large-scale biofuel production in the Nordic countries.
Leisure travellers can pay via the Swish mobile phone app, while companies and government agencies can sign longer-term agreements.

Swish your contribution to: 123 131 4137

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