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Every year millions of people pass through our airports. Advertising here is therefore optimal. As an advertiser, there are great opportunities to capture a target market which is both receptive and remains in the same location for a longer period of time.

An airport is a positive environment which signals exclusivity, excitement and expectations. The majority of travellers are receptive to changes, and belong to a market with spending power – it is therefore especially easy to communicate with visitors.

The airport gives you the chance to go that extra mile and create out of the ordinary advertising. As an advertiser, you have access to large spaces and exclusive formats to make your message as effective as possible. The path of the traveller goes from entry, via parking, check-in, departure halls, cafés, gates and boarding to the arrivals and customs halls, giving you a great opportunity to repeat your advertising and follow the traveller the whole way.

Exposure opportunities

Swedavia offers a wide variety of different display areas. One of the unique characteristics of advertising at the airport is that there are rarely limitations in terms of space. The facilities are large with high ceilings, and how you choose to expose your company or product is up to you.

Demo and event space

All Swedavia's airports have available floor space of varying sizes right in the flow of travellers and visitors. Personal meetings where visitors have the opportunity to experience the product have always had great impact, and the spaces at the airport contribute to this. An appreciated event is to hold your very own mini fair at the airport.

Light boxes

Light boxes, which can be seen at any time of the day or night, are one of the most common means of advertising exposure at Swedavia's airports. During the day, the backlit box works like a regular sign, while at night it is illuminated. The models can be customised to meet the client's needs and are strategically located in places where the target groups are found, for instance, at check-in, on transport routes and at the baggage drop-off. The light boxes are often placed at eye level to maximise impact, but if you have your own ideas about placement, please feel free to make a suggestion.


At Swedavia's airports, you can give your company digital exposure through by showing advertising films and digital presentations. All our plasma screens are strategically placed beside the gates, arrival halls and baggage collection conveyor belts at both the domestic and international halls. Digital presentations are particularly well combined with other fixed advertising sites. Today, some 155 screens are available at our Swedavia's airports.

Wall and window sites

The airport's wall and window spaces are large and allow your the freedom to design the individual characteristics for your advertising campaign. Due to its size, your message will be unavoidably eye catching for both travellers and visitors. The walls can be used as they are to present your advertising, but you can also choose to cover halls and areas to create a much greater effect. All Swedavia airports have wall and window sites available for advertising.


Outdoor advertising offers the advantage that both travellers and people passing by or staying outside the airport are reached by the advertising message. There are a number of options to choose from, but the larger formats are guaranteed to grab attention and interest. and because of their size, attention and interest are guaranteed. Why not cover the multi-storey car park with giant banners or use the control tower for creative and unusual solutions?

Baggage trolleys

Most travellers use a baggage trolley to avoid carrying their bags. But the baggage trolley is not only used to carry baggage; it can also work very well as a carrier of information. Swedavia currently offers baggage trolleys with advertising at all airports.

Newspaper stands

A traveller spends on average 90 minutes at the airport, and much of this time is spent waiting to board. Placing your newspapers, brochures or presentation material in Swedavia's newspaper stands means your message can reach out to all domestic travellers.

Photography and film recording

Swedavia airports offer you a special venue for photography and film recording. Wide-open spaces, international environments, high ceilings good light and aircraft taking off and landing. You can photograph or film indoors or outdoors, regardless of whether it applies to advertising or commercials, feature films, music videos or television series.

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Head of sales

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Key Account Manager

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Head of International Agencies & Key Account Manager

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Sales support

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Sales support and Project Manager

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Regional Account Manager

Responsible for Gotehnburg Landvetter, Bromma Stockholm and regional airports (Malmö, Luleå, Umeå, Åre Östersund, Visby, Ronneby och Kiruna)