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Business services

Åre Östersund Airport offers great opportunities for your company to operate and be seen. Here you can establish your business near flights and the rest of the world, organise conferences and events for up to a few hundred people, or advertise to hundreds of thousands of travellers each year.

Business services at the airport

flygmarknad Aviation market

By establishing a route or cargo route in Sweden, you can easily reach the whole of Scandinavia, Baltic region, Europe and rest of the world. Aviation market acts as a support, and helps you to start up routes at the airport.


Opening a shop, restaurant or office at the airport has many advantages. Regardless of which type of business you want to establish, you gain access to an extremely large market, plus it is as easy for both you and your guests to arrive here as it is to reach the rest of the world.


Huge volumes of travellers with spending power pass through the airport each year. By following the passengers with advertising from the car parks, via the check-in hall and gates, to boarding and arrivals, the airport is an optimal site for your company to reach out to your customers.


Having a conference at the airport is really not any different from having a conference at any other conference facility in the country - it is just a touch more convenient. Åre Östersund Airport offers several different conference possibilities.