Pack properly and start your holiday trip early

2013-12-16, kl. 08:00

The final week before Christmas, holiday travel will be in full swing at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Thursday and Friday, December 19-20, are the big departure days. Domestic traffic will be most intense then.

“Flying is the fastest, most comfortable and often also the cheapest way to travel at Christmas, and with a few simple preparations even before you get to the airport, it will also be the most pleasant way to start your holidays,” says Lena Rökaas, Head of Operations at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

1. Pack properly while still at home

No sharp objects are allowed in your hand baggage, and you should avoid liquids as much as possible. Pack these items in your check-in baggage. Liquids must be packaged very well so that they don’t begin to leak, since a passenger may be held personally liable if someone else’s baggage is damaged.

In particular, keep in mind that many traditional Christmas foods contain liquids, for example pickled herring, Jansson’s temptation (a seafood casserole) and ham packed in broth.

“Always pack wrapped Christmas presents in your check-in baggage. If the security screening staff can’t see what it is, or if they discover that a package contains something like a set of knives, it’s no fun to have to open your Christmas present at the security checkpoint at Stockholm-Arlanda, instead of on Christmas Eve under the tree,” Lena Rökaas says.

2. Prepare for security screening

At the security checkpoint, all hand baggage is X-rayed and all passengers walk through a metal detector. Prepare for security screening by placing all small items such as mobile (cell) telephones, keys and coins in your outer garments, which will then be X-rayed. Sports or suit jackets must also be taken off and X-rayed nowadays.

Anyone carrying a laptop computer must remove it from its computer case and open it, before it is X-rayed.

“It’s better to make these preparations before reaching the actual security checkpoint. If everyone helps out by putting away small items and removing their coats and jackets before arriving at the checkpoint, things will go faster and easier for all passengers,” Lena Rökaas says.

3. Get to the airport early

Not only will the number of passengers be larger than usual, but everyone will also have more baggage. This is why it is a good idea to give yourself a little extra time at the airport, so that you can stay cool and calm throughout the check-in and security screening process.

“We and the airlines will have extra staff on hand to help passengers find their way. But the best advice is to arrive early, and perhaps give yourself enough time for a cup of coffee before your departure” Lena Rökaas says.

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